Sutton Hoo?

sutton.hoo_.helmetIn 624, at a windswept English coastal town with the comical name of Sutton Hoo, the royal ship of an Anglo-Saxon King was loaded to the gunwales with treasures beyond compare. Its manifest would list piles of precious metals, jewel-encrusted odds and ends, rare coins, arms from the far north, tableware from the far south and above all, a spectacular golden war helmet. The whole shining ship, 90 feet of overreaching opulence from stem to stern, mocked the dusk into which the sovereign’s world was lapsing. When at last, every artifact had been neatly stowed and the King brought aboard, the vessel embarked upon one final voyage home. Its strange journey did not head out over the seas, but rather into the Earth and covered over with dirt until a mound rose up from the hole. The ship traveled into a darkness very much like that which Western Civilization itself was falling, for this was the…

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7 thoughts on “Sutton Hoo?

  1. Thank you so much, Pete. If you are interested, write to your politicians and shovel-bearing scholars and underscore that message – maybe some will listen and fund more research. Though it may seem a strange argument to make, tell them how much tourism (and subsequent tax money) is generated whenever such things are discovered. That and our knowledge increases, of course.

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  2. It has to be said that Sutton Hoo was never a village, never mind a town! The king’s hall and village was 4 miles away at Rendlesham.
    A hoo is a headland/promotory… this bare hillside was where they buried their dead kings and queens.
    Sutton is the village a mile away.

    I do love the idea of the sort of pathway to the next world. At least 2 kings sailed to Valhalla. One warrior rode there.

    For more, do feel free to visit my blogs, too.

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