Lady Jane Grey: The Most Overlooked Tudor Monarch

The Nine Day Queen’ is the first thing most of us think of whenever Lady Jane Grey is mentioned. She was a tragic heroine: an innocent victim of a plot to place her on the throne, the failure of which resulted in her execution aged sixteen. It’s a fascinating story of Tudor politics, but the girl at the centre of it all is also worth studying in her own right. Though Jane was romanticised by nineteenth-century historians for her virtue and obedience, her character remains…

Source: Lady Jane Grey: The Most Overlooked Tudor Monarch

8 thoughts on “Lady Jane Grey: The Most Overlooked Tudor Monarch

  1. Lady Jane Grey, much overlooked as a Queen of England, but controlled by others, and when Mary claimed the throne, executed as she posed a threat to Mary, had she remained alive.

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  2. I really like Lady Jane Grey’s story. But I thought after Edwards death and her placement on the throne that Mary once she had taken back the throne that really she had the right too that she did not execute Lady Jane, that after a short period of time actually released the lady from the towers of London, and it was only many years later that Mary had her executed for blatant treason against the throne. and not for the fact Edward had named her his successor instead of either of his sisters Mary or Elizabeth, did I miss something here?

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