Chaos in Naples (Snippets 39)

A few years ago I had the pleasure of visiting Naples and the surrounding area for the first time and spent a pleasant morning relaxing at what seemed like a very tranquil harbour.  Almost exactly 100 years before my visit a journal writer from the USA by the name of Thomas Rees was arriving in Naples, and he found anything but tranquility on his arrival.  He wrote of his experiences in Sixty Days in Europe and what we saw there, published in 1908.

The ordeal of landing, however, in Naples is not so poetical an experience as one might imagine, but is withal an experience long to be remembered. I think the arrangements for landing are as bad as the city is beautiful. The ship comes to anchor about a mile from shore. Before it has reached its destination scores of row boats can be seen coming from all directions, and before the ship has ceased motion they are about it like a flock of sea pirates. Their recklessness and audacity are surprising. While the marine police are trying to…

Source: Chaos in Naples (Snippets 39)


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