‘The Night of the Broken Glass’ | i-history

Originally posted on  i-history in 2014.

‘The Night of the Broken Glass’

On this day in 1938, a great evil spread across Germany and Austria. The German Nazi party launched a cancerous campaign of terror against the Jewish people, destroying homes and decimating businesses. This event, later dubbed ‘Kristallnacht’, bore witness to unfathomable acts of cruelty.

‘The Night of Broken Glass’ left approximately 100 Jews dead, 7,500 Jewish business damaged and countless schools, homes, synagogues and graveyards devastated. An estimated 30,000 Jewish men were arrested, many of whom were sent to concentration camps, only to be released on the promise of leaving Germany. The two day terror represented a histrionic intensification of the campaign generated by Adolf Hitler to purge Germany of its Jewish population. Today, one year after the 75th anniversary, we continue to reflect on the importance of…

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2 thoughts on “‘The Night of the Broken Glass’ | i-history

  1. It could well be that ‘getting away’ with this incident gave Hitler the confidence to carry out further persecutions. At least the 100,000+ Jewish people who left at the time managed to escape a worse fate.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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