Bulgaria declaration of war, and the response.

W.U Hstry

World War One is known for the battle in Europe, and perhaps some of you have read about the failed campaign in Gallipoli. However the Allied Powers were also involved in Bulgaria and the Balkans. In 1915, Bulgaria declared war on the side of the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary), even though the Allied Powers tried to entice Bulgaria to side with them, the promises on land from Germany proved to sway their power to the Central Powers. This in turn would mean that they were at war against France, Russia and Great Britain, which leads us nicely to the invasion of the Balkans.

It must be noted however, that the actions taken by either side all link up. The landings at Gallipoli for example, bloody and worthless, brought a negative impact to the relations between Britain and Bulgaria. This is important as Bulgaria was seen as an important political and…

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