Jinnah: Hero or Villain?

Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the Pakistani flag.

Quite possibly, Muhammad Ali Jinnah may be one of the most historically ambiguous figures of the twentieth century. He is maligned by his opposition almost more than he is adored by his followers. In fact, in a day and age when Pakistan struggles with accusations of being ‘the terror factory of the world’ many Pakistanis themselves begin to doubt their founder. And yet, they continue to call him ‘Quaid-E-Azam’ which in literal translation means ‘The Great Leader’. The Partition was a division of India into two independent countries and resulted in a mass movement of people on a scale the world had never seen before. Indian Muslims rushed to go to a country which seemed to be the promise of a new future and Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs headed in the opposite way for India. Needless to say, it caused unprecedented violence and misery.

The question is, despite being blamed as the sole cause of the Partition massacres by many Indian historians, why does a man like Jinnah still hold a unique place in the heart of…

Source: Jinnah: Hero or Villain?

One thought on “Jinnah: Hero or Villain?

  1. I can well understand why he is regarded as a hero by some people in Pakistan, and likewise, why he was viewed in the opposite way by those affected by his policies. I am sure that similar sentiments exist in Israel about the leaders who formed that country, around the same time.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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