Memorial in the Vosges: July-October 1915

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One hundred years ago this October the battered hillsides of Le Linge ceased to be an actively contested battleground and hardened into an entrenched stalemate which lasted until November 11, 1918. From July 20 to October 15, 1915, German troops held the high ground while French soldiers advanced uphill toward them to defend their towns in the valley below.

A trench fortified with concrete masonry. A trench fortified with concrete masonry.

During the preceding months the Germans had occupied the ridge, constructing a network of fortified tunnels and trenches partway down the mountainside.  The French soldiers working their way uphill were unable to break the line. In spite of the heavy fighting and the chilling onset of an early winter, they dug trenches facing the German lines. Unable to gain ground, the soldiers faced each other, sometimes only yards apart.

sign “Here is Le Linge.” All signs at the site are in both French and German


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