Black history, eighteenth century London

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1 June 2015

Author Michael Bundock talks about his book on Francis Barber on This Day Live, which describes how Dr Samuel Johnson left the bulk of his estate to a Jamaican born slave who had served him faithfully for many years.

By Angela Cobbinah in Britain:

Enduring legacy of friendship

Saturday 10th October 2015

Michael Bundock’s biography of Francis Barber tells the extraordinary story of the Jamaican slave who inherited the bulk of Dr Samuel Johnson’s estate, says ANGELA COBBINAH

IT IS estimated that there were between 3,000 and 5,000 black people living in London in the 18th century, an inevitable result of Britain’s involvement in the slave trade.

One of them was Francis Barber, a former slave who became the servant of Dr Samuel Johnson, the compiler of the English dictionary.

Although Barber lived with Johnson for more than 30 years and…

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