A restless Swedish skeleton – of events in the aftermath of WW II



I have an acquaintance who some years ago decided to dig into her ancestry. As most parishes in this neck of the woods have kept detailed tabs on people since the early 17th century, it isn’t that difficult to construct a family tree, and most of these old records are available on line – a treat for the amateur genealogist.

Thing is, my acquaintance presumed she’d only find interesting (as in fun and exciting) things up her family tree. As one of my English colleagues now and then says, ’interesting’ is not always a positive – and in her case, the things she dug up were definitely interesting but not all that much fun. After all, finding out your great-great-grandmother was hanged for three murders is not exactly something one wants to brag about. Or maybe one does.

baltutlämningen13449-375x600 Photo: Pressens Bild

Sometimes, the same thing happens when you’re reading about…

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2 thoughts on “A restless Swedish skeleton – of events in the aftermath of WW II

  1. This is a very interesting article, and I had already read quite a bit about the incident, and the bombing and torpedoing of the refugee ships by the Russians. Some in Sweden had shown some open sympathy to the Germans during the war. They had also allowed volunteers to fight with the Finns against the Russians during the Winter War that preceded the German invasion of Russia. A large number, perhaps 12,000, fought against the Russians, and many stayed on later, to fight with the Finns against the Red Army, on the side of Germany.
    Volunteers for the SS were fewer in number, but it is undeniable that some Swedes joined the German Army voluntarily, and fought on the Russian front. This does not excuse Soviet threats, or treatment of the prisoners returned to them, but it perhaps gives some background of Soviet mistrust of the Swedes, and the opportunity they took to intimidate them into returning the prisoners.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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