Edith Cavell 2: The Constant Correspondent

First World War Hidden History

Edith Cavell in her matron's uniformLike many of her generation, Edith Cavell was an avid letter-writer. She served on the editorial board which launched Belgium’s first nursing magazine, “L’Infirmiere”, in 1910, and wrote occasional articles for the weekly Nursing Mirror and Midwives Journal in Britain. Edith believed passionately about nursing, about nursing techniques and good practice and understood the value of promoting educational articles. When war broke out she wrote to the editor of the Times on 12 August 1914, [1] launching an appeal for subscriptions from the British public to support her preparations to deal with ‘several hundreds’ of wounded soldiers anticipated to arrive shortly in Brussels, signing herself as Directrice of the Berkendael Medical Institute. She was concerned about her widowed mother’s health and welfare, and as the German occupation made life ever more restricted, she rarely knew if her letters reached home.

When the war began, Edith contacted the editor…

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2 thoughts on “Edith Cavell 2: The Constant Correspondent

  1. Because she was from Norfolk, the local BBC programme here is featuring some daily documentaries about her life next week. I hope that they look behind the usual history, and investigate some of these facts too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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