Anne Boleyn: A Romantic Heroine?

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Anne Boleyn is a woman whose reputation has fluctuated over the course of time but a woman about whom we actually know very little. People of all eras have been fascinated by the queen who was the mother of Elizabeth I. The Victorians were just as interested in her as we are today and many at the time saw her as a romantic heroine. Among many others Jane Austen wrote about and was interested in her. She was talked about in school textbooks, she was painted, and historians of the day keenly discussed her character.

Ane Boleyn says a Final Goodbye Anne Boleyn says a Final Goodbye to her Daughter, Princess Elizabeth” Gustav Wappers, 1838.

Agnes Strickland was a significant Victorian writer who praised Anne’s “calm, dignified air” as she ascended the scaffold. It is a positive description of Anne that seems to admire her bravery in the face of death; as if Anne is a…

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2 thoughts on “Anne Boleyn: A Romantic Heroine?

  1. Like many characters in history, we only really know what others wanted us to think about her. Harlot or heroine, who will ever really know? Perhaps she was a young woman who saw the chance for fame and fortune and took it, only to be consumed by events beyond her control.
    I will stick with that idea, I think.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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