Edith Cavell 1: Patriot Nurse, Underground Agent

First World War Hidden History

Note: Before reading our series on Edith Cavell, it would be advantageous to the reader to peruse our previous two blogs on Belgian Relief.

Warning: Those who might be offended by evidence that Edith was much more than an Angel of Mercy, or do not wish to believe that she was sacrificed to prolong the agony of war, should not read these blogs.

A striking picture of the young Edith Cavell.

Edith Cavell was the most celebrated British heroine of the First World War. The distinguished head of a Belgian nursing school, the Berkendael Institute in Brussels, she was executed by order of a German military court on November 12, 1915. She admitted aiding over two hundred allied soldiers to escape from occupied Belgium and return safely to their regiments in France or Britain, in direct contravention of German military code. According to a recent BBC Radio 4 programme  by Dame Stella Rimington, formerly director of MI5, it was…

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4 thoughts on “Edith Cavell 1: Patriot Nurse, Underground Agent

  1. Very interesting! My name is Jo Cavell because my mother’s mother was a Russian Jewish immigrant who couldn’t speak a word of English, and the only name she could think of for my mom was Cavell because she’d seen it somewhere, although she couldn’t spell it, so my mom became Caval. Throw in the Irishman that she married and it was all a wonderful world of weird names for us kids. History is most cool. 🙂

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