Day 68 – 15th September 1940

Battle of Britain Day by Day

Battle of Britain Day
Weather: fine

Fighter Command Serviceable Aircraft as at 0900 hours:

  • Blenheim – 47
  • Spitfire – 192
  • Hurricane – 389
  • Defiant – 24
  • Gladiator – 8
  • Total – 660

Weather wise this was finally the opportunity the Luftwaffe had been waiting for. Accordingly, in mid-morning the radar along the south coast picked up evidence of mass raids which duly appeared over southern England heading for London. All three groups, 10, 11 and 12 in southern England now played their part in intercepting the incoming armada. There were no less than 30 squadrons who were engaged in intercepting and contesting the progress of this vast fleet of German bombers. Furthermore, the latter was accompanied by a very strong force of Me109s. Naturally, despite the aerial battles which developed, substantial damage was done to London. This was partly due to the manner in which the German bombers jettisoned their…

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One thought on “Day 68 – 15th September 1940

  1. I have been watching the TV tributes to those brave young men (and women of the WAAF) today. The 15th was the day that stopped the Germans, and the seaborne invasion of Britain was cancelled the following day, as a result. So much owed to all those involved. The many, as well as ‘the few.’
    Best wishes, Pete.

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