Behind the White Coat

Cambodia 440

“Doc, I don’t want to check my blood sugars. It hurts too much.”

Airplanes just hit the twin towers. I need to tell my mother to make my father stay home from work today. He is supposed to be in a federal sky scraper. What if there are more targets? Wait. I hate the man. Why am I caring? Do I care? Yes. But I don’t want to care….

“It hurts too much? You are on insulin. You have been hospitalized for diabetic ketoacidosis twice so far this year. If you DON’T check your blood sugar you are going to end up back in ICU. Maybe dead. That is really gonna hurt…”

The towers are burning. Collapsing. All of those people hurting, in pain. And YOU think it is too much of a burden to do a tiny finger prick every day?!?! I want to scream at you.

“This stuffy…

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