World War II in Four Paragraphs | Theory Of Irony

250px-Fotothek_df_ps_0000010_Blick_vom_RathausturmWorld War II started out, if you believed the Fascist propaganda (and nobody did),  as a limited Polish border dispute.  But soon Germany and its vassal States overran most of Europe and Northern Africa, plus a big chunk of Asia – as they liked to brag, from the Sahara Desert to the Arctic Circle.  A very lonely Britain sent up a few hundred pilots who faced odds approaching absolute zero, but against all expectation they started to win the battle for the skies.  During this airborne mayhem one particularly bad German pilot accidentally bombed residential London and Britain retaliated by unloading on municipal Berlin.  In knee-jerk response, an enraged Hitler switched to civilian targets – just when the British military was reaching the verge of exhaustion.  While this went on, Germany made the most catastrophic blunder in recorded history and attacked its nominal eastern ally, the Soviet Union.

The tide turned in ways that could never have been predicted.  The Germans got so far as to occupy nine-tenths of Stalingrad, really a second-tier military goal, but one of immense psychological importance to the The Soviet Union rebounded with the same tenacity it showed at Stalingrad, grimly took back Eastern Europe and started pounding on the gates of Berlin.  A brief digression is needed here to explain that, 200 years before, a Russian Czarina…

Source: World War II in Four Paragraphs | Theory Of Irony

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