American Concentration Camps in Masumi Hayashi’s Photoramas


41fimzxkAFLOn the 3rd of September 1945, Japanese-American photographer Masumi Hayashi was born in Rivers, Arizona, in the Gila River War Relocation Camp, an internment camp built by the War Relocation Authority (WRA) for the internment of Japanese Americans during WWII. Shortly after the end of the war, her family moved to Los Angeles, where she began her education, following which Hayashi moved to Florida, where she received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in fine arts from Florida State University. In 1982, she became a lecturer of photography at the Cleveland State University.

As an artist, Hayashi is known for her panoramic photo-collages composed of hundreds of pictures taken in a frame-by-frame manner. The slight differences of colour and tonality between each of these pictures create the illusion of the passing of time, when reassembled into a larger image. She created several series of photographs in this manner, including: Abandoned Prisons, War and Military…

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