Happy 148th Birthday Molly Brown


NAME:  Molly Brown
OCCUPATION:  Film Actor/Film Actress, Philanthropist
BIRTH DATE:  July 18, 1867
DEATH DATE:  October 26, 1932
EDUCATION:  Carnegie Institute
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Hannibal, Missouri
PLACE OF DEATH:  New York, New York

BEST KNOWN FOR: Molly Brown was best known for her social welfare work on behalf of women and children, and for surviving the Titanic sinking.

Philanthropist Margaret Tobin, better known as Molly Brown, was born on July 18, 1867, in Hannibal, Missouri. Sometimes referred to as “the Unsinkable Molly Brown,” this survivor of the 1912 Titanic disaster has become the subject of many myths and legends throughout the years. Her early years were relatively quiet; she grew up in an Irish-Catholic family with five siblings. At the age of 13, Molly Brown went to work in a factory. After two of her siblings headed to Colorado to…

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