From Spycatcher and GBH to the Zinoviev letter – an emergent pattern and the real enemy within

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A scene from Alan Bleasdale’s perceptive and prophetic GBH, a much misunderstood darkly comedic series from 1991. Some felt that Bleasdale was attempting to discredit the militant left at the time, but what he portrayed is an infiltation of the Labour Party by MI5, ordered by the Conservative government at the time, whose sole aim was to manipulate and recruit indoctrinated thugs to assist in destablising the Labour Party in its entirety.

Fueling social tensions, these agents provocateurs used the ethnic communities to foster division, generate racial tension, in the hope of causing riots and ultimately, these hardened right-wing thugs dismissed the minority groups as collateral damage to destroy the Labour Party.

MI5 staged a series of violent racist assaults on the city’s ethnic minorities, using hired thugs. They “made things happen. ” To preserve the status quo. In the drama it’s eventually revealed that the plot to destablise the…

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2 thoughts on “From Spycatcher and GBH to the Zinoviev letter – an emergent pattern and the real enemy within

  1. As a fan of both those landmark TV series, I really enjoyed this long article, and explored some of the links too. It took me back to my own days of supposedly infiltrating the official Labour Party, though in my case, it was from the Extreme Left. We were certainly aware that some of those purporting to be on our side were probably government agents and agitators, and at times we wondered if there were any actual party members at all, with just the ‘plants’ from different factions seeming to do all the political work, and day-to-day administration of the local groups.
    None of us got what we wanted though. We got Tony Blair instead…
    Best wishes, Pete.

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