The Death of History

This post says everything I believe is wrong about history getting eradicated or so completely distorted that people never learn from the mistakes of the past. As my strap line says, ‘How can we improve our future if we don’t understand the past?’

History, as seen through my eyes.

I won’t need to cite any sources on this one, this is coming straight from my heart. History is dying right in front of our eyes. It pains me to see that people want to remove history simply because they don’t like it. Forget about the fact, for a second, that people have been taught a warped history about the Civil War, and focus on what this means in the big picture. NOT teaching about ALL aspects of history helps to remove the freedom of choice. Teaching about one aspect of something, that something being the North’s point of view only, removes your freedom of choice to choose.

Removing any bit of history is removing the truth from the minds of the people. The truth is what is being suppressed in the long run. Lies and deceit will reign supreme in a land where truth is removed based on personal…

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One thought on “The Death of History

  1. Winners do tend to write the history, that is true. Much was written from the other side, about the Confederacy in the Civil War. It is out there, but you have to choose to read it. If the government decide to ignore many truths, preferring to deliver an acceptable diet of Rebs=Slavery, Slavery =bad, therefore Rebs are bad, then they are denying students the full picture of that particular conflict, and over the centuries, the truth will disappear completely.
    There seems to be little that can be done, faced with a veritable army of those extolling political correctness over often uncomfortable facts. However, we have the Internet, and can but use it to try to get the facts out there. Getting them read is a whole different story.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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