Religious significance has the whip hand on the road


The Victorians — people of the age, not just those under the flag — were proudly aware that they did not know everything; though each and every day they grew to know more and more about the world. They knew how to put things together. They knew how to explore. They gloried in doing so.

This present day has no time for humility. Every blessed thing must have a trite explanation, if only to prove how superior are the know-it-all no-nothings — kids who left college unable to spell or subtract. There can never be too many ‘dark matter’ fumblings after explanation of the inexplicable for them.

Much history and most archaeology is Sherlock Holmes territory. In archaeology it’s about ‘this layer is on top of that layer, therefore…’, ‘marks in the ground here show this, whereas other marks show that…’ and so on. All fine deductive reasoning, a thought…

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