Wings Around the World, Part 1 (Guest Post 2)

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The following guest post article has been kindly contributed by Geoffrey A. Pocock, author of Outrider of Empire: The Life and Adventures of Roger Pocock (University of Alberta Press) and One Hundred Years of the Legion of Frontiersmen (currently out of print).  His own blog can be viewed at and his website is

The first British attempt at flying round the world, 1922

wings1 Blake with mascot who never flew with them.

The 2015 attempt to fly round the world in a solar-powered aeroplane has caused much attention in the media, but nowhere near as much attention as the plans and attempts in the first half of the 1920’s to be the first to fly round the world. British newspapers took great interest in British attempts, but in the customary British way these attempts were made by enthusiastic amateurs who had to raise private funding. When the first successful…

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2 thoughts on “Wings Around the World, Part 1 (Guest Post 2)

  1. They certainly had determination and courage back then. But I am always left wondering about the obsession to be ‘The First’ to do things like this, or even the need to do them in the first place.
    Which is obviously why I was never an intrepid explorer Sarah!

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