1914 When the world changed forever. What’s your story?

In this report from Jonathan Vernon, The York Castle Museum exhibition – 1914: When the World Changed Forever – comes highly recommended. Jonathan interweaves his article with the experiences of his grandfather, Jack Wilson. It is these personal stories, the little day-to-day details, which bring the past alive in ways that no amount of text books can possibly do.

I’m off now to discover if Jonathan and I are related!

Mind Bursts

If I have time on my hands in a town I’ve not visited for a while I might wander by the war memorial. During these centenary years you might even find a museum: a local exhibition on a regional division or local battalion, or a house that was used as a hospital. Until 2019 York Castle Museum have the exhibtion:

1914: When the World Changed Forever

York Castle Museum has ample space to spread its narrative. It offers visitors carefully chosen narratives that a visitor might follow. I wonder if from the start they could be invited to think about a great grandparent or great uncle who may have served in the war. We are invited to think in turn about Alice, Thomas, John, Albert and John; the bookkeeper, the mechanic, woodman, shop assistant and a doctor.

Who will you follow?

Fig. 1 1914: When the world changed forever. York…

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