Guest Blog. Mitch Peeke; The Lusitania Story – A Struggle For The Truth

First World War Hidden History

It is always an uphill fight to prise the truth from the establishment. Though we as a nation have rights and access to many files and historical documents, we do not have open access, nor are we to be given sight of documents still classified as secret after 100 years and more. [1] A group of genuine and dedicated history enthusiasts combined their efforts to unearth every ounce of source material on the sinking of the Lusitania, and the impressive result can be seen online at

Cover of new  edition of The Lusitania Story - a 'Must Read'

Their painstaking work has included trawling through original materials at the Cunard Archives, the National Maritime Museum, the Imperial War Museum, Merseyside Maritime Museum, Royal Artillery Historical Trust, the Library of Congress, Museum of the City of New York, Kindle Museum, the BundesMilitararchiv, Cuxhaven U-Boat archive and most importantly, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Archive. They have been assisted by Gregg Bemis, owner…

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2 thoughts on “Guest Blog. Mitch Peeke; The Lusitania Story – A Struggle For The Truth

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  2. I saw on the news two days ago that there are plans afoot to dive down to the wreck, and retrieve ‘artifacts’. That might answer those who still doubt that the ship was carrying munitions.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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