Kokoda Track -Brigade Hill

Pacific Paratrooper

On Brigade Hill Chow time on Brigade Hill

Brigadier Arnold Potts was faced with superior Japanese numbers and chose the area to make a stand; Brigade Hill.  This impressive mountain ridge, about half-way along the Track, with Mission Ridge extending from its north face [south of Efogi]; the eastern side has a steep drop and the west slopes down to the Fagume River.

A Company, 2/14 Infantry Battalion, August 1942 A Company, 2/14 Infantry Battalion, August 1942

On 6 September, the forward observation from the 2/14, Australia’s Maroubra Force, were unnerved by the sight of lanterns used by the Japanese moving down the over Efogi village.  The enemy proceeded to encircle the troops.  At first light on 8 September, Lance Corporal John Gill was shot by a sniper.  The battle for Headquarters Company had begun, units were cut off and the enemy caused heavy casualties.  A withdrawal was ordered.  The Japanese Nankai Shitai Force, under MGen. Horii, has pushed them…

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