Foreshades of Grey (12)


or, The Power of Pink: She’s a Girl, get over it


Portrait of Marquise de Pompadour by Boucher, 1759. Oil on canvas, Wallace Collection, London.
Image source: WGA

So here, at last, it couldn’t be resisted, the most familiar and most delectable of all the images of Madame de Pompadour that enchanted my childhood is posted here for DvP, like everything else.

It is not just the story of a dress, though what a dress, which can transform a woman into a rose, it is the story of the balance of feminine power between personal ambition and love for another person. She sacrificed peace of mind for ambition, and then fell in love, first with a king, then a man, then a country, and finally a civilization which she made universal.

Notorious as the quintessential courtesan, sneered at by the court for being bourgeois, called “putain” by the king’s sour…

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2 thoughts on “Foreshades of Grey (12)

  1. Thank you for reblogging this personal view of a famous and controversial woman, someone who is both familiar and surprising, like an old friend. It is always a joy to be reproduced here! XXX

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