“A Rolling Mill for Ladies” Beauty Through Suffering: 1905, 1915

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vintage exercise machine2


You must suffer to be beautiful, according to a French saying. There seems to be some truth in the statement, if a lady’s maid in Paris is to be believed. She has revealed the secrets of her mistress’ boudoir, or, rather, torture chamber. The lady herself is now beautiful, but one wonders that she is alive. For months she lay flat on her back on the floor, motionless, with her arms close to her side, during several hours every day. This was, it appears, to improve her figure. During the rest of the day, for the same period of time, she sat on a high stool rocking the upper part of her body backward and forward and from side to side unceasingly. By this process she is said to have acquired a statuesque throat and a sylph’s waist. The lady’s nose, having a soaring nature, was corrected…

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6 thoughts on ““A Rolling Mill for Ladies” Beauty Through Suffering: 1905, 1915

  1. What a contraption! I cannot imagine it did anything like it claimed, and probably just made lots of cash for the con-man who invented it. These days, we only have to look at the shopping channels on TV, to see many similar though perhaps less forbidding devices being hawked in the same old way.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • For the most part, I blame society and men, then and now, for putting pressure on women to be ‘beautiful’. The devices now may be less forbidding but the constant advertising skews our idea of what is attractive and delivers even more pressure. One has to be a very confident woman not to be affected. Hey ho.


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