Fanny Williams and the Amherst family of Kent

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Amherst - Montreal Park from a 1777 engraving

FASHIONABLE ANECDOTE, at present only whispered in the POLITE CIRCLES.

Some years ago, the Lady of a noble Lord, who once held a high military post, and greatly distinguished himself in a former war, received a small basket by an unknown hand, which, on being opened, was found to contain a female child, with a letter addressed to the lady, written in a female hand, expressing the high opinion the writer entertained of her Ladyship’s liberality, and particularly from personal knowledge of her humanity. Appealing to it, for protection of the unknown infant, whose existence, with that of the mother’s, depended on her Ladyship.  A bank-note was inclosed for a considerable amount. The child was ordered to be taken all possible care of, and has been from that time attended and educated in no other manner than if she had been the daughter of the noble Lord and his Lady.


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One thought on “Fanny Williams and the Amherst family of Kent

  1. The convoluted families of those days take some following! I am reminded of the London connections, provided by street names. Amherst Road and Avenue in Ealing, Pinfold Road in Streatham, as well as Cavendish Square, and Devonshire Street, both in the centre. Their legacy lives on in the streets named after their families.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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