First Night Design | Atrocious Connection

My title says it all. I’m too weary to struggle so unless I can brave the cold for the local taverna with a WiFi connection, I won’t be visiting, liking and commenting on your blogs at the moment. Forgive me.

I worked out a long time ago that I’m on this earth to learn patience but this amount of patience? Give me a break!

Take care and keep laughing!

Sarah (cold, miserable and really very pissed off!)

via First Night Design | Atrocious Connection

3 thoughts on “First Night Design | Atrocious Connection

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  3. I suppose that the Internet connection is the cost of living the dream Sarah. I am sorry that you are cold, in the Greek Islands of all places. It is raining here, but not too bad otherwise. I will see you on the other side of your dilemma.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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