Women in 18th Century Politics – 1784 Election

All Things Georgian

Devonshire 1

Courtesy of Lewis Walpole Library

As we all know the ‘well to do’ women of the Georgian era were regarded as objects of beauty that simply swooned and fainted at the sight of a gallant gentleman. They wore stunningly beautiful clothes and shoes and spent hours on their hair and beauty regime. They paraded around Georgian London, Bath, Brighton etc. in their finery and partied into the early hours, but on the whole they were regarded as fairly vacuous creatures.


OK, so we’ve done the whole film thing, now let’s move on and dispense with that image. If we’re being totally honest that is, to a certain extent, the stereotypical image held of women from that period as, let’s face it, they had very few if any ‘rights’ during that time. Only those in what was regarded as the lower class worked, the remainder were kept in comfort…

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One thought on “Women in 18th Century Politics – 1784 Election

  1. Whilst it is nice to know that women had a background voice in the politics of the time, it still illustrates how little the ‘real’ people were involved. Despite my constant criticism of the current political scene here, it is still good to know that most people can vote now. If they choose to do so, of course.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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