Found Rock Carvings With Sun Cross Right Outside the Doorstep

Bronze Age Rock Carvings Norway 1

These rock carvings appeared when Espen Bøe tore down the front entrance. (Photo: Arne Gunnar Olsen/ NRK)

In late November, when Stein Espen Bøe and his wife Kristin living in the town of Haugesund drained around their house and had to remove the front entrance, it appeared some rock carvings showing several ships and a sun cross.

After being examined and recorded by archaeologists from the Stavanger Museum and Rogaland County, the finding proves to be about 3000 years old. The Bronze Age drawings that probably have been part of a larger part is covering about two square meters and displays ships with crew and a sun cross.

The discovery of the largest Bronze Age rock art finding from the Haugesund region is like any other similar findings from this time period, a mystery. However, it is very interesting to observe that one of the ships has a crew of…

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5 thoughts on “Found Rock Carvings With Sun Cross Right Outside the Doorstep

  1. An amazing find. I was surprised to read that they are going to tarmac over it though. I thought that they would cut it out of the ground, and preserve it in a museum. Maybe they have too many similar examples already.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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