3 thoughts on “Sleeping your way to the top…

    • I hate to disillusion you but it’s still a man’s world for the most part because of the attitude of so many males. Yes, before you shout, there have been many improvements but not nearly enough to make us as equal as we should be in the 21st century. See whether Julie agrees with me! (Yes, I’m trying to catch up with all the comments.)

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      • I suppose it is still a man’s world Sarah, just not in my house! Having spent the morning dusting, and most of the afternoon preparing and cooking a roast chicken dinner, I think I can assert that I am dealing well with role-reversal.
        Saying that, the manager of Julie’s bank branch, the regional manager, and the area manager, are all women. That wouldn’t have happened in the 1950s. Still a long way to go though…x


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