The Hoop Crinoline: Dying for fashion

Victorian Paris

The art of sitting in a cage crinoline The art of sitting in a cage crinoline

The Hoop Crinoline: Living in a cage post, published here earlier, discussed the encumbrance of this fashionable accessory mostly in a humorous way. Yet there was a serious—one may say tragic—side to the matter.

When the crinoline had reached its greatest degree of expansion, it was extremely hard—indeed, practically impossible—for more than two ladies to manoeuvre their skirts in one small room. “It was necessary,” remarked a lady of the Empress Eugénie’s court, in later years, “to watch one’s every movement carefully, to walk with a gliding step, and to supply the elegance lacking to the outline by a certain yieldingness of figure.   It was not easy for a woman to walk with such a mass of material to carry along with her. But as to sitting, it was a pure matter of art to prevent the steel hoops from getting out of…

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2 thoughts on “The Hoop Crinoline: Dying for fashion

  1. Even the history-allergic man I live with was moved by the fate of Archduchess Mathilde! I blame the fags, not the frock, The crinoline/cage was a ridiculous and demeaning fashion, but so is the big white wedding dress still so popular today (In My Opinion. We should all wear what we like and have a fire extinguisher handy.

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  2. Women have suffered through the ages for fashion. Nowadays, young girls starve themselves into serious illness, sometimes death, for fear of being too fat to live up to the images in the magazines. It’s all so unnecessary.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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