Christmas Days: A street in Kensington

The Library Time Machine

This is the first of my Christmas bite-size mini-posts, daily for as long as I can stand it. A few pictures and a few words. I’ll publish mid evening to see how that goes.

I don’t know about any other archives but in our archive you sometimes find odd cuttings, odd papers and odd photographs which you can’t identify. Sometimes you can’t work out the source either. Mostly these things will be unremarkable, just stuff which someone in the past put aside intending to deal with one day. But sometimes there is something interesting there. Today’s post is about two photographs. I’ve called it a street in Kensington but it could be two streets.

Kensington unknown street 01

This is a modern (but not recent) print of an old photograph. The original had turned sepia with age but I don’t know where that is, or when the print was made. The view is of…

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One thought on “Christmas Days: A street in Kensington

  1. Brilliant stuff. Evocative of an age gone by, at the time of the American Civil War. Yet that street is essentially unchanged today. There will be resident parking bays, and the houses will have become flats, but the feel will be exactly the same. Because of the church in the centre, I am suggesting that it might well be around Powis Square, W11, in Notting Hill. This is in the London borough of Kensington, and the church is now called The Tabernacle.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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