Battle for Guam, Part II

Fix Bayonets!

Guam was the first US territory captured during World War II. Its garrison of 540 men quickly capitulated to more than 5,000 invading Japanese Marines. Guam subsequently remained under Japanese control for 32 months. During this time, the Japanese military proved itself as a criminal organization capable of unimaginative cruelty. By July 1944, the Japanese command realized that it was running out of time: American forces were poised to take the island back from the Japanese invader. In spite of this, on 15 July 1944, the Japanese Imperial Army rounded up the residents of Merizo, Guam and from their number selected 25 men and 3 women (all school teachers). The Japanese marched these civilians to a nearby cave and once the people were inside the cave, tossed in hand grenades. Fifteen victims survived the ordeal, pretending to be dead. The Japanese repeated this despicable activity the next day, but this…

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One thought on “Battle for Guam, Part II

  1. These stories never fail to both horrify and inspire. The cruelty of the Japanese, contrasted against the bravery of the young soldiers tasked with the job of re-taking the island. No matter how many times we read them, or see the documentaries with contemporary footage, we can have no idea of the hardships and privations involved. My heart goes out to all those concerned.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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