Blockade 2: Britannia Waives The Rules

First World War Hidden History

Before August 1914, every act of preparation for war, every advantage that naturally accrued to Britain through her unparalleled maritime strength, argued in favour of a close blockade of Germany. It never happened. By the end of August the situation had altered dramatically and the raw statistics remain breath-taking. At least one half of the world’s sea carrying capacity sailed under the British flag. The British fleet dominated every sea-gate in Europe, the North Sea, the Atlantic, the narrow Gibraltar Straits passage to and from the Mediterranean Sea, and the Indian and the Pacific Oceans. ‘The actual and physical power of the Fleets of England to cut off from the armies and inhabitants of the German Block all supplies whatever from oversea was undoubted.’ [1]

Photo of the wreck of the Emden by Allan GreenGermany was effectively barred from these seaways and, apart from the battle of Jutland, for most of the war the German High Seas Fleet remained in…

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One thought on “Blockade 2: Britannia Waives The Rules

  1. Another sickening chapter in the background history of a war where greed and profit took precedence over the lives of the brave soldiers. Even 100 years later, armed with a very modern cynicism, it still beggars belief.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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