Churchill: A Life on Film

British Pathé

24 January 2015 marks 50 years since the death of a man who dominated 20th century politics like no other – British Prime Minister and international statesman Sir Winston Churchill. Throughout his life, British Pathé’s cameras provided the world with a unique, visual insight into his character. The company documented his career from the Sidney Street Siege in 1911 to his state funeral and has archive of many of his speeches. In 2002, Churchill was named the greatest Briton of all time.

In honour of this anniversary, British Pathé has curated a definitive, visual archive of his career entitled Churchill: A Life on Film. We have organised this content by topic and event and have presented it on a single navigable page for the first time. Click here to begin exploring.




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One thought on “Churchill: A Life on Film

  1. I cannot say that I have shared the great admiration shown for Churchill. He was after all a Tory, and his mistakes were often as disastrous as his successes were undeniably glorious. However, he was so much a part of British life over many decades, and it is arguable that his leadership was partly responsible for winning the war.
    So, this tribute is just, and seen in an historical context, extremely valuable too.
    Best wishes, pete.


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