Every Château has a Story #3: Le Château de Caylus

Life on La Lune

The village of Caylus below its château The village of Caylus below its château, at the top of the picture

Very little remains of this château, except for a square tower in surprisingly good condition and parts of the original ramparts. And yet, in its heyday, le château de Caylus had dominion over a large swathe of the surrounding area. Set on a rocky mount, the castle controlled an important crossroads.

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4 thoughts on “Every Château has a Story #3: Le Château de Caylus

  1. I have always been quite interested in the Cathars, so I was pleased to see The Albigensian Crusade mentioned in this article. I visited some similar places near Carcassonne a few years ago; hilltop castles once defended by the unfortunate Cathars.
    Best wishes, Pete.


    • It’s a fascinating period of southern France’s history. As you’ll know, most of the Albigensian Crusade took place further south. Caylus, Saint-Antonin and Laguépie, which were all victims of Simon de Montfort, were at the northern extremity of his range. But he made several sorties up here to mop up continuing Cathar resistance. Have you read The Albigensian Crusade by Jonathan Sumption? I can recommend it. Regards, Vanessa.


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