The Battle of All Time ~ A guest post by Erik Von Norden

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Erik Von Norden joins The Freelance History Writer with a delightful summary of how the world arrived at the current yearly calendar. Erik is a practicing attorney living in the north woods of Vermont, USA. You can follow him on his blog: The Theory of Irony

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Consider that our whole concept of time is off by several years due to a small math mistake by a sixth-century monk named Dionysus Exiguus (Dennis the Really, Really Short). By way of explanation, it seems about 525 this monk suggested to the Pope to begin using Christ’s birth as the standard point to start counting history – 1 AD or Anno Domini or Year of Our Lord – whatever you like. So, he set to figuring out exactly when that was. Dionysus looked up the traditional date given for Rome’s founding, 753 BC, and then he subtracted down all the…

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4 thoughts on “The Battle of All Time ~ A guest post by Erik Von Norden

  1. I enjoy all this stuff about calendars, and the way we ‘interfere’ with time. There used to be thirteen months in a (seasonal) year. That would make a mockery of me being a Piscean, something I have always adhered to – and crowed about- for most of my life. It is all man-made nonsense, and this post just drives that point home.
    I do love it all though!
    Best wishes, Pete.


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