Briey (3) Comite des Forges; Rule of the Iron Masters

First World War Hidden History

The Comite des Forges represented a powerful group of iron and steel producers whose links with the French government were so dominant that the two were often as one. Imitating the American business practice by which major manufacturing heavy industry companies acted together in monopolistic collusion, the Comite des Forges harmonised its prices and liaised with other international iron and steel groups which completely dominated the world market. The Comite was the epitome of capitalist power structure in France. [1] It bound together individual iron and steel companies by strict agreements on quotas and prices. These ranged from large conglomerates like the Comptoir Siderurgique de France to smaller units like the Comptoir des Rails.

Portrait of Comite des Forges with Wendel (2nd left seated) and Schneider (4th left seated).

The Comite neither sold nor produced products. It acted in a far more subtle manner, retaining political, strategic and economic influence by means of elected politicians and well financed propaganda. The Comite des Forges had no…

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2 thoughts on “Briey (3) Comite des Forges; Rule of the Iron Masters

  1. Yet more evidence of chicanery and profiteering by the industrial elite, as millions of their own countrymen were either killed or maimed in the service of the country that these rich men inherited.
    The more I read, the darker my mood.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • I know, Pete. The more one realises how often this kind of thing was happening in past centuries, the more evil become the people responsible for continued killing in the 20th and this century. Greed, power and profit at the expense of human life is grotesque.


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