The Russia-American Special Relationship that Saved the Union

Life in Russia

thoughts of an expatThis is a part of American history that I wasn’t aware of, it made me wonder how many others don’t know as well. It seems that when America was in it’s deepest turmoil unlikely as it seems Russia sent warships to protect the ports not only on the east coast but west coast as well. In Great Britain the powers of the time considered both America and Russia the oppressors. Times have changed but people and governments haven’t, even the locations look similar. Today in the eyes of some all they done is changed hats.  Isn’t it the fear-mongers who create these situations. True cooperation doesn’t come from fear, but should come from mutual respect for one another. Governments come and go and the people endure, it will be the truth that sets people free. During the Civil War in America, Russia helped it remain free.

extremes-meet-67b5a-0c611 At the point…

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