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I have heard plenty about the King Richard III Visitor Centre in Leicester. Some positive, including the recent architectural award that the centre won, but plenty that was less complimentary. I finally made it there to judge for myself with my daughter and, for those who may be interested, here are my thoughts on the exhibition, entitled Dyansty, Death and Discovery.

Richard III Statue outside Leicester Cathedral Richard III Statue outside Leicester Cathedral

After buying our tickets, the first room to which we are directed is a flag stone floored chamber containing a throne, on which sit two discarded roses facing defiantly away from each other. This room offers an introduction to the Wars of the Roses from key figures in the live of Richard III – Cecily Neville, his mother, Richard Neville, the Kingmaker Earl of Warwick, Richard’s guardian as he grew to manhood, Vincent Tetulier, an armourer creating harness for Richard, Anne Neville, Richard’s…

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2 thoughts on “KRIII Visitor Centre Review

  1. An excellent article going into just enough detail to hold the interest, and making a visit to the exhibition seem to be a worthwhile trip. The writer is obviously well-informed on the subject, and declares his ‘colours’ for those who may suspect bias. Despite this, he presents the overall view, and is to be applauded for that. As someone who also believes that Richard the Third is maligned by historians generally, I thoroughly enjoyed this.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I delight in Matt’s posts and wish he posted more often. You may remember that the first, or one of the first blogs I shared, was from his site – the one about Henry V’s state of mind after Agincourt.
      Have a great week, Pete, and hope you’re now feeling bang to rights!


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