November 8 1814: Metternich’s Ball


“The Tsar certainly appeared impervious. ‘Alexander enjoyed himself greatly at the Redoute,’ one of Hager’s agents reported on the morning of 8 November. ‘He paid an enormous amount of attention to a masked lady wearing a large hat with a black plume whom we believe to have been Countess Esterhazy-Roisin. From 2 o’clock to 3.30 he was much taken, along with the King of Prussia, by two dominos in black. The beauty of Madame Morel once again produced a great effect. She also spoke to Count Schoenfels and Prince Narishkin. Then it was the turn of the prince de Ligne, who took her under his wing and remained at her side for a long time. The Grand Duke of Baden did not dare show himself with her in the ballroom, but he never ceased circling her and never lost her from sight.’

The next day there was a ball given by…

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2 thoughts on “November 8 1814: Metternich’s Ball

  1. They must have been so bored then. Either that, or fed up with having to constantly attend functions, in ever more outlandish outfits. It’s a shame they didn’t have ‘Hello’ magazine back then, as we could see it in all its ludicrous splendour!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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