Ancient Roman coin found in Russia

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Rare Roman Coin Found

A rare Roman coin dating back to the fourth century AD has been unearthed in north-western Russia, archaeologists say.
The copper coin was found on Friday (local time) at an excavation site in the Russian city of Veliky Novgorod located some 550 kilometres northwest of Moscow. “The coin bears the image of a she-wolf with Romulus and Remus – the founders of Rome – on one side and the image of a Roman goddess on the other side,” said Oleg Oleynikov, head of the excavation expedition.

2316698826_146cfa09c0_b Photo by: Ilya Schurov

Site of the finding

The coin was believed to have been minted during the reign of Emperor Constantine I, founder of Constantinople. There is a picture of the goddess Roma and a Latin inscription saying “City of Rome” on the obverse and a picture of the Capitoline Wolf with Romulus and Remus on the obverse.


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