The Mad Monarchist: Monarch Profile: Emperor Thieu Tri of Vietnam

As the son and heir of Emperor Minh Mang, Thieu Tri had a tough act to follow. Vietnam had achieved its peak in size and influence but the “Great South” stood precariously on this historical apex. The French were becoming increasingly interested in the region and the slightest mistake could upset the balance and plunge the country into a struggle it could not hope to win. However, when Prince Nguyen Mien Tong came to the throne in 1841, taking the era name of Thieu Tri, this looming threat was not outwardly apparent. The reign of his father had not been free of trouble by any means but it had been great and glorious and it seemed that all Emperor Thieu Tri had to do was follow in his footsteps, steering a steady course and the power and prestige of the Nguyen Dynasty would continue. The country seemed to be in good hands as Emperor Thieu Tri was similar to his illustrious father in many ways. He was highly educated, very intelligent, devoted to traditional Confucian values, a lover of nature, artistic and intellectually curious. He was open to learning from the west but like his father was also determined to keep western influence out of Vietnam and maintain the close relationship with the Great Qing Empire.

In the early days of his reign, everything appeared tranquil. There were no major problems and the reign of the…

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3 thoughts on “The Mad Monarchist: Monarch Profile: Emperor Thieu Tri of Vietnam

  1. An interesting look back into the history of a country with a turbulent past. A place that was in my thoughts every day throughout the late 60s through to the mid-70s. This article makes us aware that foreign intervention was nothing new to the harassed Vietnamese.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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