The Bryce Report … Whatever Happened To The Evidence?

First World War Hidden History

The Bryce Report was a propaganda coup of the highest order. It was translated into 30 languages and dispersed across the globe by every British propaganda service. In the United States, the New York Times of 13 May 1915 ran Bryce’s ‘verdict’ on three full pages, over twenty-four columns, with pictures and unequivocal headlines. A measure of their clear success may be derived from the opening passage which began by stating that

New York Tribune newspaper images to underline propaganda against Germany over atrocities in Belgium - The Rape of Belgium

‘Proofs of the atrocities by the German armies in Belgium – proofs collected by men trained in the law and presented with unemotional directness after a careful enquiry are presented in the report…headed by Viscount Bryce, the famous historian and formerly British Ambassador at Washington’ [1]

With headlines that screamed ‘German Atrocities Are Proved’ and ‘Premeditated Slaughter in Belgium’, ‘Young and Old Mutilated’, ‘Women Attacked, Children Brutally Slain, Arson and Pillage Systematic’, ‘Countenanced by Officers’, ‘Wanton Firing of…

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