The History Girls: Hide & Seek, by Clare Mulley

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Paddy Leigh Fermor with Xan Fielding courtesy of The National Library of Scotland

This month The Folio Society republished one of the great memoirs of the Second World War; Xan Fielding’s Hide & Seek. Described by Antony Beevor as, ‘one of the great modern books not just of the Cretan resistance; it is one of the great books of the Second World War’, Hide & Seek recounts with powerful immediacy, humour and unsparing honesty the drama, tedium, exhilaration and anguish of organising reconnaissance and resistance behind enemy lines on Crete.

I first read Hide & Seek when I was researching my biography of Krystyna Skarbek, aka Christine Granville, the first woman to work for Britain as a special agent during the war. Christine had saved Xan’s life, at huge personal risk, in the summer 1944 while they were both serving in occupied France. Xan never forgot his debt, and dedicated Hide & Seek to Christine’s memory, so I was thrilled when Folio asked me to …

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6 thoughts on “The History Girls: Hide & Seek, by Clare Mulley

  1. I haven’t read this book, but I have seen the film of his exploits, ‘Ill met by moonlight’, starring Dirk Bogarde, and filmed by Powell and Pressburger. It is a factual account of exploits that would grace a James Bond story. Another example of how outwardly ordinary men can achieve great things, during times of adversity and war.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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