Are You Horrified Enough Yet?

Then and now. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

Guy Debord's Cat

The bewildering variety of names of the entity known as “Islamic State/ISIS/ISIL/The Caliphate/[insert new name]” is enough to worry paranoid survivalists and bloodthirsty neo-fascists alike. The people who invent these names are well aware of this.  It’s as if each new word and phrase has been specifically crafted to strike a chord within the minds of a variety of constituents. For example, it is likely that Sun readers will respond more favourably to the simple phrase “Islamic State”, while classically educated people who are familiar with names like The Levant, the classical name for the Middle or Near East, will respond to the name “Islamic State in the Levant”. The British far-right has convinced itself that Muslims in general (never mind that Islam, in common with other mass religions, is far from being a homogeneous religious group) desire to carve out a caliphate and that this caliphate will challenge Western (often referred to as Judaeo-Christian) hegemony…

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2 thoughts on “Are You Horrified Enough Yet?

  1. Hi Sarah, thanks for posting this one. I wrote this comment on the original site.

    ‘A very good article indeed, and I am glad that it was re-blogged on FNH.
    I think it has to be seriously considered that much of the ‘myth’ surrounding ISIS has been engineered by the West, to the extent that these ‘fighters’ could even be infiltrated or led by US special forces, and British covert operators too. Strange how they knew how to drive tanks, operate complex weapons systems, and display considerable talent for military strategy, when they are supposed to be a rag-tag ensemble of foreign Jihadists. Perhaps this will be explained by blaming Syria, and give justification for the invasion of that country too.’

    Best wishes, Pete.

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