The History Girls: ‘Last Look – The Truth about Crimea’ by A L Berridge

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Admit it, you’re sick to death of Crimea. Writing a series set in one war has made me rather single-minded, and looking back over my time at the History Girls I seem to have written about little else. But as this will be my final post here I hope you’ll let me take just one last look at it, and tell the story no-one else in the West seems to want to tell.

They really don’t. When the official narrative is that ‘Russia has stolen Crimea’, no-one wants to hear about Crimeans except as Ukraine’s ‘property’ and a pawn in the Great Game. What they forget is that Crimeans are also people, and sometimes ordinary people can change the world. In the last week of February 2014 some of them did just that, and just this once I’d like it to be recognized.

All right, February is hardly history, but I think the story fits here because of what it reveals about the historical process itself. To me it was a unique one, because I know the place, I know the people, and I was aware of what was happening before it was history. Usually I start with the official narrative and work backwards to the primary sources, but this time I’ve watched events unfolding through the eyes of the people actually living them – and been astounded to see the entirely different narrative now hailed as ‘official history’. It’s made me start to wonder how much official history we can…

Read more: The History Girls: ‘Last Look – The Truth about Crimea’ by A L Berridge.

2 thoughts on “The History Girls: ‘Last Look – The Truth about Crimea’ by A L Berridge

  1. I would urge all your readers to go over and read the full article. It is intelligent, and passionate, a refreshing antidote to the appalling propaganda we have been subjected to. Whatever your personal point of view, real history cannot be denied. Ukraine has moved back to the Right, in the worst possible sense, and we in the west should be ashamed of the way our governments have engineered and manipulated this situation. I would love to see this article enjoy some mainstream coverage here, but I somehow doubt that will happen. Thanks Sarah.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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