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In the week of the centenary of the outbreak of World War I, I have compiled these biographies of just a handful of the thousands of those from the East End who served in the conflict. These photographs are selected from those gathered by Tower Hamlets Community Housing for their exhibition which runs until 29th August at 285 Commercial Rd.

George Gristey was born in Hackney on 13th March 1890. At the time of his death his mother, Laura, lived in Cranbrook Rd, Green St, Bethnal Green. George served as a Private in the East Surrey Regiment and was killed in action in Belgium on 23rd June 1915 and buried at Woods Cemetery, south-east of Ypres in West Flanders.

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2 thoughts on “East End Soldiers Of World War One | Spitalfields Life

  1. Poignant and fascinating images and text commemorating these Londoners, most of whom fell in action. It was good to see much mention of the Jewish volunteers, and also the story of Walter Tull, the first black officer. I remember an interesting dramatised documentary on his life being show on TV some time ago.
    When you look at the people and styles in those photos, you do begin to realise that 100 years was a long time ago indeed. They look more like characters from the time of Dickens, than young men going off to fight in a modern war.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • And yet, in essence, 100 years is only one lifetime. A long one, I’ll grant you, but nevertheless…! Spitalfields Life is a wonderful site and she posts all kinds of fascinating information and photographs about the area.


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