6 thoughts on “Last Crew Member of Enola Gay Dies in Georgia

  1. Ah! My grandfather’s entire generation is rapidly dying off. He’s as young as you can be and still have (legally) served in the war, and he’s 87. They’ll all be gone soon, relatively speaking. On a related note, I knew Paul Tibbets through a job I had from 1996-2005. Very interesting.

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    • Ok, now I feel old because your grandfather’s generation was my parents’ generation! How interesting that you know Paul Tibbets. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. It’s so important that we keep these memories and obituaries at the forefront of people’s minds. Do you fancy interviewing your grandfather for FNH?

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      • Please don’t feel old! My husband is only 8 years older than me, but his parents and my grandparents were born very, very close to each other. It’s the difference between my mother being the firstborn of 4, and my husband being 6th of 7.

        I did know Paul for the entire time I worked at the gallery; he was a regular. It helped that the owner was a WWII buff (although he was born in 1944), and that my great and wonderful co-worker Frank was a retired WWII and Korea Marine pilot. I didn’t particularly like Mr. Tibbets on a personal level, but he was fascinating and never boring.

        Unfortunately, my grandfather has dementia and is only getting worse, little by little. He has great days and poor days. A few years ago I’d have happily taken you up on your offer. I should have done it myself whilst I still could. However, did you ever read my piece about Frank? I wrote it on Pearl Harbor Day 2012, and it was Freshly Pressed. Here it is: http://onetrackmuse.com/2012/12/07/intermezzo-wherein-i-offer-you-a-few-disjointed-but-heartfelt-memories-of-my-dead-friend-frank-on-pearl-harbor-remembrance-day/

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        • Don’t worry, I wasn’t serious! You will have seen by now that I’ve re-blogged your lovely article about Frank. He sounds the most marvellous chap and it’s a great tribute. I didn’t see it before because I don’t think I was following you in 2012.

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          • Thank you for the reblog! I didn’t think that we we were cyber-acquaintances back then, but thought that you might enjoy the post. Frank was a great guy, and it was absolutely my honor to “introduce” him to the world, so to speak. I still miss that old man!

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  2. A fitting eulogy for a man who truly had a place in history. Whatever your opinions about the use of atomic weapons, we can only imagine the feelings he must have experienced at that moment of impact, and when he saw the results of the bomb later.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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